We design and supply for Offshore and Onshore oil & gas production process. Our Separators equipped with State of-art separation technology with All the internals, Inlet, discharge devices for the most efficient separation of Sand, Gas, water from oil.

  • Max Crude handling Capacities: 140,000 Bbl/day Oil + Water
  • 200 MMSCFD separated up to 0.1% carryover
  • Gas Pressure: 50 PSIG, Temperature: 125 Deg C
  • Max Dimensions: 4500 mm DIA / 18500 MM T/T Skid Mounted
  • Product Specifications: 100 % Removal of 10 micron particle
Basic Design Principles

A primary separation section – The primary separation section is situated at the inlet to the vessel and is designed to separate the fluids from any entrained gas.

Secondary separation – The secondary separation section is designed to facilitate the separation of the liquid constituents into light and heavy phases according to their specific gravity. Typically oil comprises the light phase and water the heavy phase.

Coalescing section – The coalescing section includes a vapour coalescer or mist extractor to remove liquid droplets from the gas. A wire mesh eliminator is often used for this purpose.

Produced well fluids consist of various amounts of oil, water, natural gas, and sediment. The first step in oil and gas production is to split the flow up into its individual components with a separator.

A three-phase separator uses gravity to separate produced well fluid into gas, oil, and water phases. Installation of these vessels occurs near the wellhead, and they come in horizontal and vertical configurations.

Benefits of Three Phase Separators

A Three phase separator is a wise decision for all the companies that maintains field production facilities in the petroleum industry. Without a high-performance separator, your team will be left to guesswork to determine the volume and composition of outflowing resources, which can lead to errant decisions that may compromise your bottom line.

A Three phase separators can be used in environments with high levels of hydrogen sulphide. These oil & gas separators are also environmentally friendly and help reduce potentially devastating and costly accidents while increasing the lifespan of supplementary extraction and testing equipment.

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