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Theoretically, there is minimal difference between a vacuum pump and a compressor. This is functionally different from the actual functionality in practice because the use of the pump in industrial practice is quite different from the case of a mall-scale domestic use. Though highly dependent on the application and use, their efficiencies are also highly different depending and aim at achieving different needs. In this article, the functional and operational differences between a compressor and a vacuum pump are discussed, with the view of exploring how their application defines their functionality, as well as that of a vacuum compressor pump.

Vacuum pumps offer flow rates that depend on the pressure on either ends of the pump, while compressors operate on the principle of volume reduction. Conventionally, a vacuum compressor pump allows for a combined compression and evacuation of the compressed fluid.

The first difference between a compressor and a vacuum pump lies in their vacuum strength. In operation, the strength of a vacuum pump is measured by the absolute output pressure, where the smaller the outcome the more powerful it is. On the other hand, compressors’ strength is measured in terms of the compressor ability to attain high compression needs in the fluid.

Vacuum Systems

Vacuum is an intricate process. At Vacuum, Pump & Compressor, we understand the variables and engineering that make your outcome a success. We have experience in energy savings, water savings, temperature and cooling, heat recovery, product freshness, and product longevity. We are pleased to develop a solution for your company to maximize efficiency and reliability.

Energy Efficiency and Reliability

Vacuum, Pump & Compressor offers a wide variety of equipment for your industrial and municipal pump needs. With an extensive partnership of specialized manufacturers, you can be assured your fluid process needs will be met with the best selection of application, metallurgy, efficiency, value and delivery.

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