We can design and Engineer and supply EPS which can handle any toxic and flammable chemicals with suitable system design and material selection to meet the stringent requirement of Oil & Gas and Refinery standards.

Vapor recovery

Vapor (or vapour) recovery is the process of collecting the vapors of gasoline and other fuels, so that they do not escape into the atmosphere. This is often done (and sometimes required by law) at filling stations, to reduce noxious and potentially explosive fumes and pollution.


Tang form Vapour Recovery system is provided to compress blanket / vent gas collected from all atmospheric storage tanks to pressurise the low pressure Hydrocarbon vapours up to 100 PSIG to fed to the Mixed Fuel gas line .

These Tank form VRU primary focus is to recover displaced gases from liquid movement, and gases from thermal inbreathing.

tems are designed to take care of the high inlet with temperatures coming from storage tanks up to 180 Deg F with fully saturated water vapours. Our Liquid ring compressor system can handle even the inlet condition with flooding. Our Systems are well equipped with skid mounted system with all the instrumentation & Control system, local indication and monitoring system and option to operate from DCS control system

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